About Us

Finney Homes is the dream of local community member Keith Almady who has lived in the Kane and DeKalb County area his entire life. Keith started in the industry working with clients as they made millwork selections to build multimillion-dollar homes, and eventually became the Vice President of a medium-size homebuilding company. This unique combination of experiences allows him to merge the efficiencies of multi-home communities with the personalizations of custom homes to deliver to you a Finney Home.

Quality Construction

We take a staggered-schedule approach, limiting the number of homes we will commit to start building each month. This allows us to structure our schedule to efficiently use the services each tradesperson provides to create your home and remain fully involved in the build from start to finish. Our goal is to provide each customer an exceptional experience as they trust us to start building the memories of their new home.

We offer many standard features that you would find as upgrades in other homes. The aesthetics of your home are just as important to us as the efficiencies that help provide an energy-friendly home. That’s why you’ll notice things like the ZIP system, a water-resistant and air barrier that provides a way to keep air and moisture out, and energy savings and comfort in. From the moment we put a shovel in the ground to the time we hand over the keys, we are thinking of how to provide the best experience and the highest quality home.